Energy Saving Blinds


Our window blinds will save you money because they provide insulation that helps reduce both heat build up in the summer and heat loss through the winter.

Many of our products have solar reflective or heat retaining properties which include SPC - Special Protective Coating, CCT - Gold Coat Tecnology, GREENSHIELD - enviromentally friendly fabrics.

By minimising heat loss from a home in the winter and reducing the amount of radiant energy permitted to enter your home in the summer the amount of energy needed to heat or cool the property to a particular temperature cab be significantly reduced. This contributes significantly to the reduction of CO2 emissions and thus global warming.

Not only this, but also a saving on your energy bill.

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SPC® SOLAR PROTECTIVE COATING: Fabrics allows in natural light whilst reducing solar gain more effectively than conventional fabrics.

CCT® GOLD COAT TECHNOLOGY: Specialist reflective fabric coating allows less heat  radiation. Particularly effective on darker coloured fabric - all achieved through improved reflectance

GREENSHIELD: Fabrics featuring the Greenshield mark have been tested to confirm no harmful VOC's or hazardous substances will be released to the enviroment in quantities that are recognised as potentially dangerous to occupants of dwellings or buildings.